About Us

Transcending Property Investment

LevelUp-Investments is a full-service property investment platform offering individuals & investors a variety of options to execute or manage their property objectives. With the development of our diversified business model, we can offer our clients a clear path to reaching their real-estate objectives by implementing an appropriate execution strategy based on their status as a homeowner, renter, or private investor.

Our team has focused on developing low-risk opportunities for investors interested in earning incredible financial returns through private lending capital investments. And, by offering consumers a system which caters to buyers, sellers, renters, investors, or property renovators, we can effectively organize a convergence of talented professionals capable of implementing & executing an appropriate plan of action.

As real-estate investors, we are able to design & execute a cost-effective renovation plan, and can even provide code compliant mechanical services.  Renovating our own investment properties has trained us how to pinpoint specific amenities and identify essential upgrading strategies to maximize after repair value (ARV). Working closely with home-owners, home-seekers, renters, and private investors now gives us an advantage in the marketplace as we continue to manage our clients budget parameters and financial objectives!

Creating Future Wealth

Driven by an existing passion for real estate development, the executive team is dedicated to creating opportunities for investors seeking passive income while revitalizing communities one project at a time.

By focusing on prime investment opportunities with the potential to generate positive cash-flow, an accelerated industry growth rate, and financial maneuverability will enhance our ability to achieve your fundamental goal of developing long-term wealth.

Enhancing Investment Earnings

By creating a business model encompassing investment acquisitions in commercial, multi-unit, and single-family residential properties we can focus on prioritizing distressed properties in need of renovation or mechanical upgrades. Our investment projects are carefully analyzed to identify whether cash-flow or profit-margin potential meets our criteria, and will allow us to accelerate portfolio growth. Developing a cost-effective renovation strategy will then set the foundation for generating passive income through a rental based program.