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We would like the opportunity to illustrate how our strategies give you greater control over your investment, and increases the potential for a relatively fast ROI.  Does this sound too good to be true? Well, the truth is, it’s absolutely possible! Many private investors are currently enjoying significant rates of return while simultaneously limiting the volatility typically associated with higher profiting investment strategies.

Educated investors have been taking advantage of real-estate and the potential earnings that investing in a tangible appreciating asset can generate. In fact, there have been thousands of successful organizations built by earning fixed interest income solely from property investment. And, private lending is one of the only low-risk investment strategies that can generate high rates of return with extremely high levels of security and liquidity.

While other individuals with low-risk investment funds, diversified money market accounts, and cash reserves in the volatile trading market are recouping minimal returns with declining interest rates, private investors now have the opportunity to exponentially increase their financial stability with a secured investment

“You’ve seen how unsure and volatile the stock market can be. Do you want your future to be controlled by the events that take place on the other side of the globe? Well maybe it’s time to consider other alternatives.”

Invest in a Project

Private Investors will now be able to take advantage of our construction experience and network of professional tradesman established over the last 15 years. Our business model encompasses the acquisition of commercial, multi-unit, and single-family residential properties in need of renovation or upgrading to generate revenue through resale or rental based programs. Before an acquisition is executed, each investment project must go through an essential financial evaluation & cost analysis to forecast profitability ratios and get an approximation of the ROI potential. Private investors are now able to secure a vested interest in real-estate while we take care of procuring, renovating, and managing profitable investment projects.

LevelUp - Investments


As a private investor, your investment is essentially secured by a tangible asset which will likely increase in value after an updated renovation is complete. Depending on the capital investment tier, our investors will be given a first or second position mortgage designed to protect their interest in the property and legally securing the investment. Our goal for each project is to raise enough capital to secure & hold a property, execute a renovation plan, and set aside a minimum contingency budget to cover unforeseen expenses. In exchange for investment capital, private investors will earn a fixed interest dividend for the duration of the project typically paid out 60 to 90 days after the property is refinanced by our team.

LevelUp - Investments
  • Investor signs a legal terms contract with funding structure, fixed rate-of-return, and payback schedule in place
  • Lawyer draws up documents, secures funds as a third party of exchange, and files paperwork with the investor on the property title as a first or second position beneficiary
  • Our team focuses on the design, materials acquisition, and renovation execution for each project
  • Our investors receive an interest dividend paid out in post-dated check form monthly, quarterly, or until a balloon payment settles the entire loan balance, dependent on capital investment tier.
  • Renovated property is immediately refinanced based on the upgraded after repair value (ARV)
  • Typical cash-out between 80% to 85% of new ARV allowing for balloon payment to be made to our investors, and the property is either resold or rented.
LevelUp - Investments

Get Your Money Working for You

Are you going to continue letting the banks, or worse, the money markets remain in control of your financial wellbeing for returns that are barely in line with inflation? Or, are you going to take control and ensure that your retirement plan gives you the financial freedom to chase your dreams? And if you are already retired, THAT’S GREAT! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to take advantage and capitalize on every dollar of interest your life savings is capable of earning.


Private lending is an incredible way for you to generate residual income with fantastic rates of return, and most people aren’t even aware of it! We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to schedule a meeting with you to share our investment strategies or simply answer any questions you may have about our business model, but you must TAKE ACTION NOW!!